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Statements of Conscience-GA 2015

uualogoJustice Work from General Assembly 6.28.2015

The most important work of the General Assembly delegates is to set the stage
for justice work throughout the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Last month in
Portland, the GA adopted a  Statement of Conscience on the issue of Reproductive
Justice.  That Statement is now official policy of the UUA, and will serve to guide our
UUA officers and staff, as well as the work of the congregations and their members,
whenever and wherever this issue arises.
In addition, from an original list of six proposals, delegates adopted three 
Actions of Immediate Witness, which call for action by the Association and by UU
congregations and their members during the next twelve months. 
Those titles are:
"Support the Black Lives Matter Movement" and
"Support A Strong, Compassionate Global Climate Agreement in 2015:
Act For A Livable Climate" and "End Immigrant Child and
Family Detention Now."
Complete, final versions of each of these can be found at  
To find each one, enter a keyword, or a title, or “2015” in the year box.