Our Religious Education (RE) Program

UUCLB Flaming ChaliceChildren and youth are considered important members of our faith community. It is a safe, respectful community, where learn about our Unitarian Universalist heritage and participate in activities to develop their own spiritual identity.

Classes, less the Nursery, are taught by our volunteer teaching teams. Children and youth are important members of our faith community. We cultivate an environment where they learn by doing and experiencing firsthand and religious education evokes a sense of pleasure and respect for worship experiences.

Our RE program is designed so that families know what's the plan on...

Any Given Sunday

1st Sunday - Youth Chapel & Spiritual Practices (YC/SP) Day

2nd Sunday - Curricular Day

3rd Sunday - Curricular Day

4th Sunday - Faith-In-Action Day

5th Sunday - Curricular Day

RE class time: 9:00-10:15am and 11:00-12:15pm

Dismissal Time: After RE classes, parents and caregivers of children younger than 3rd grade are expected to meet children immediately at the conclusion of class. Children and youth in 3rd grade and beyond are dismissed on their own.


 Have a copy of our 2015-2016 RE Calendar.


Youth Chapel & Spiritual Practices Day

PreK– 5th graders: On the first Sunday of every month, children and youth gather to engage in age-appropriate worship services that reflect the Wylder Hall worship experience, with Chalice Lighting, UU hymn-singing, and finding meaning in stories from wisdom tales (UU-based and world religions).

6th-12th graders: A few times a year, the MS and HS classes attend worship services on these days. All other YC days, they attend class or participate in youth fellowship activities. Check class calendar for dates. 


Curricular Day

Children and youth (grades PreK-12) begin their worship experience with their families in Wylder Hall for Time for All Ages (TFAA). After TFAA, the children, youth and teachers depart service en masse as the rest of the congregation sings them to class. For the duration of Curricular Day, the teachers engage the children and youth in age-appropriate lesson plans that enrich their experience and articulation of the Unitarian Universalist faith.

*TFAA is a time during worship service where congregants of all ages find meaning in a wisdom tale or ponder existential questions of life. At the conclusion of TFAA, children and youth are sung to their classes.

Faith-In-Action Day

Social justice work is central to Unitarian Universalism. Empowering children and youth to find ways to practice the Seven Principles is of great importance to our congregation.

PreK-5th graders: Children and youth meet in the Chalice Building and engage in ongoing opportunities to put their UU faith into action though service to our church, our community and our world.

6th-12th graders: The Middle School and High School youth plan their FIA learning and projects in concert with their teachers, the DLRE and FIA co-coordinators.


Curricula, Classes & Classrooms

Most of the curricula used this year derives from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s (UUA) Tapestry of Faith. Tapestry of Faith is a source of UU religious education curricula and resources for all ages.

@ 9:00 am service

Nursery Infants thru Preschoolers

Tender, loving and consistent care is provided by our staff caregiver and Nursery Aides. Please pick up your child promptly after service.

Room: 4


Kinder thru 5th Grade

Our providers offered activity-based childcare for the elementary-aged children.  Children attend TFAA on Curricular Days.

Room: Chalice A


6th thru 12th Grade 

Older youth attend worship service.


 @ 11:00 am service


Nursery Infants thru 35 month olds


Tender, loving and consistent care is provided by our staff caregiver and Nursery Aides. Please pick up your child promptly after service.

Room: 4  



Preschool/PreK: 3-4 year olds


Spirit Play a Montessori-inspiredlearning process honoring children’s play as“work”. A Spirit Play classroom is astructuredworship space. A hallmark of this worshipformat is a focused story, the opportunityfor self-directed creative “work,” and a“feast” where children areencouraged to share theirmorning’s discoveries.This year, the curriculumfocuses on stories thatdemonstrate the “SevenPromise” or as they’re calledin Spirit Play, the “SevenPrinciples”.

Room: 6



Kinder thru 2nd Grade

Love Will Guide Us. The primary focus of love and using the UU Sources as a guide to tackle existential questions of life. 

The  curriculum is largely story-based and supports children’s cultivation of their own answers to life's questions. 

Room: Chalice B


3rd thru 5th Grade

Windows and Mirrors is a curriculum that uses the metaphor of windows and mirrors as a representation of our awareness of self, our perception of others, and others’ perceptions of us.

Room: 5


Middle School 

Riddle and Mystery is curriculum that helps Middle School youth search for their own meaning and understanding of 16 “Big Questions” , like Does God exist? Who are we? What happens when we die? Where do we come from? What is Unitarian Universalism?

Room: 2/3


High School/YRUU

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists

Coming of Age. This year, the entire High School class is devoted to the Coming of Age (COA) program. The class is led by Coming of Age advisors and each youth is paired with a mentor as they explore and discern their spiritual identity.  Note: Because of the nature of this program, consistent attendance and participation is required. High School youth not participating in Coming of Age may attend worship service or the Middle School class.

For the COA Master Calendar, click here

Room: The Lounge