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Sunday, February 26, 2017 – 9 and 11 am

"Ecology Is the New Theology"

Religion, Dowd claims, has always been about helping people collectively to live in "right relationship to reality." Given today's science-based knowledge and the magnitude of humanity's challenges, ecology is necessarily the new theology and the interdisciplinary study of "big history" is the new Genesis. Those who fail to understand that evidence is modern-day scripture, and that the world we live in is an honorable world, betray the future in the most egregious of ways. 

Speaker: Reverend Michael Dowd; Worship Associate: Mary Ruth Velicki


Sunday, March 5, 2017 – 9 and 11 am

"In the Neighborhood: a Buddhist Midrash on a Christian Parable"

James has been thinking a lot about his neighborhood. And, well, that led him to think about neighbors. And, with that, he found himself thinking on one of the more famous of Jesus' parables.

Worship Leader: Reverend James Ford 

Sunday, March 12, 2017 – 9 and 11 am

"Seeing the World Through Another's Eyes"

Father Homan, author of "Radical Hospitality: Benedict's Way of Love," writes that "Hospitality is a spiritual practice, a way of becoming more human, a way of understanding yourself. Hospitality is both the answer to modern alienation and injustice, and a path to a deeper spirituality." Today we will explore how to see the world through another's eyes and discover the Divine in each person.

Service Leader: Michael Sallwasser; Worship Associate: Edie Mickey-Silveria